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Legal Help (Controlled work)

Codes guidance (for submitting via CWA):

CWA User guides (technical assistance using CWA):

Guidance on making claim amendments (see bottom of page at link below):

Evidence of means guidance:

Escape Fee Guidance & forms (where claiming full costs on matters 3x value fixed fee):

Certificated matters

CCMS website (training and quick guides):

Costs Assessment Guidance:

Civil Finance Electronic Handbook:

Evidence of means guidance (different to Legal Help guidance, above):

Civil Representation Guidance on Proceeding Codes:

Claim codes & Outcome Checklist:

General (applies to both)

Category Specific Guidance (summary of LASPO, what is in scope):

Gateway Guidance (Domestic Violence Evidence in Family):

Rates/fees (including Expert Rates) – Civil remuneration regulations:

LAA 2018 Contract Pages – includes Contract Standard Terms, Specification; Supervisor forms and 2018 Training on the Contract and for new providers:

Payments Information:

Sign up to LAA Bulletin:

Preventing Audit Issues and Peer Review Guidance:

Further civil guidance: