Our Services

We provide advice and assistance to organisations wishing to tender for public contracts.


We have assisted over 200 firms in tendering for a Legal Aid Agency (LAA) contract, ensuring that their tender is submitted free of errors and omissions. Using specialist software, we are able to prove the submission of a complete and accurate tender in the event of a dispute. We are pleased that none of our clients have been unsuccessful due to an alleged error in the tendering process.

We also help organisations that have been unsuccessful in the tender process to lodge appeals against decisions made by the LAA not to award contracts. We have won a number of notable cases including over-turning a decision to disallow a tender where the firm failed to submit a pre-qualification questionnaire. In late 2011, we helped over 40 firms join together for the purposes of pursuing potential legal action. Ultimately, in early 2012, a negotiated settlement allowed these firms (and others) to obtain a contract to provide licensed work.

 If you wish to instruct us or require further information on this process, please call us on 01509 214 999 or email info@dglegal.co.uk.