Why instruct us?


We are proud that our consultants are probably the most experienced team of Lexcel consultants operating in the UK.

Amongst other unique selling points:

  • our consultants have, between them, managed more than 1,000 practices through the Lexcel scheme;
  • 100% of our clients who have been assessed against the Lexcel Standard have passed the assessment;
  • the Law Society has regularly instructed our consultants to deliver in-house or external training to other consultants and assessors.

We are therefore market leaders in the area of Lexcel accreditation.

Why consider adopting the Lexcel Standard?

Lexcel is the Law Society’s practice management quality mark. Practices accredited to Lexcel can demonstrate that they meet high standards of excellence in key areas of legal practice management. In particular, it is a highly beneficial tool in managing risk and client care within a practice, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

Lexcel has gained significantly in popularity over the past few years and this can be attributed to a number of different factors:

  • the synergy between Lexcel and key elements of the SRA Standards and Regulations has given practices confidence in meeting their regulatory obligations. In this new regulatory regime, Lexcel provides a good framework to assist in demonstrating to the Solicitors Regulation Authority the necessary outcomes in complying with the 2011 Code of Conduct;
  • the recognition of Lexcel as a good risk management framework by insurers has led to offers of discounts on annual professional indemnity premiums;
  • a higher number of insurers may be willing to insure a practice that is Lexcel accredited;
  • for legal aid practices, there is exemption from Specialist Quality Mark audits; and
  • the improved marketability and competitive advantage gained as a result of achieving Lexcel has led law firms to increase their client base through successful tenders for new work. With increased competition and the recognition of Alternative Business Structures (ABS), Lexcel can set your firm apart from competitors.

The Cost

We have a team of Lexcel Consultants and are able to assist all types of legal practices, in-house legal departments and other organisations achieve accreditation against the Lexcel standard. Our consultants appreciate that legal practices operate in different ways and therefore the challenges faced by practices in implementing Lexcel and the way in which the challenges can be overcome will be different practice by practice. We take pride in ensuring that our services are tailored to the needs of the individual practice.

Our Lexcel service is aimed at ensuring you achieve Lexcel at a pace that is suitable for you with as much input and guidance as you may need from us, whilst ensuring it remains cost-effective.

Our Expertise

We have helped hundreds of firms through the Lexcel process and provided consultancy advice and assistance to more than 700 other firms. One of our consultants is also the Law Society’s primary external Lexcel training provider.

Our team of Lexcel consultants is headed by David Gilmore who has worked with all the significant legal representative groups in addition to numerous law firms and advice agencies. He has assisted countless firms achieve and maintain the Lexcel Standard.  David is assisted by Stuart Lee, Rona Parsons, Matthew Howgate, Gilles Ward and Roger Newman.

Stuart Lee is a highly experienced consultant who previously spent twelve years working for the Legal Services Commission (now the Legal Aid Agency). In addition to being an auditor with the SQM Delivery Partnership, he is not only an accredited Lexcel consultant but is also an assessor and able to assist firms in preparing for and maintaining the Lexcel Accreditation.

Rona Parsons spent years at the Legal Services Commission, prior to which she enjoyed a diverse career involving roles in the public, private and voluntary sectors developing a breadth of experience that she now brings to her consultancy projects. She is an experienced Lexcel consultant and assessor in addition to being an auditor with the SQM Delivery Partnership.

Matthew Howgate was formerly Senior Legal Adviser and Head of Continuous Improvement at the Legal Services Commission and then Legal Standards Principal at the Co-operative Legal Services.  He is an accredited Lexcel consultant and regularly assists firms in preparing for and maintaining the Lexcel Accreditation.

Gilles Ward is a highly experienced consultant on a whole range of compliance and practice management issues.  He is an accredited Lexcel consultant and able to assist firms with obtaining the standard and ongoing compliance.

Roger Newman worked for a number of years for the consulting and accountancy firm KPMG before moving into the world of quality standards. He has since built up twenty years’ experience of advising and assessing organisations against Lexcel (as well as other quality standards). As well as being a Lexcel consultant, he is also a registered auditor with the SQM Delivery Partnership.


If you have any questions as regards Lexcel or would like to discuss the implications and benefits for your organisation, we would be pleased to give you some advice without any obligation. For further details or to arrange to speak to one of our Lexcel consultants, please contact us.

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