SRA Transparency Rules

All firms fall under certain aspects of the SRA’s Transparency Rules. Even if your firm doesn’t provide any of the legal services listed under Rule 1, you are still required to publish your regulatory information, and full complaints procedure.  If your firm doesn’t have a website, then all the information required by the Rules must be easily accessible in another format.

Our Expertise

Here at DG Legal, we have reviewed hundreds of websites from law firms across the country. We have worked with firms who have had their websites audited, and critiqued, by the SRA (see an example of a letter from an SRA Investigations Officer here) and in 2021, we consulted with the SRA to ensure that their own templates were complying with their own Rules.

From our experience, we have built up a solid understanding of how the Transparency Rules should translate onto a website in practice, and what the key markers are that the SRA look for.

We have written a short guide to the Transparency Rules, covering:

  • pricing and services information
  • complaints handling and what details are expected
  • information about the SRA digital badge
  • common areas of non-compliance
  • your UK GDPR obligations relating to your website.

To download our guide to the SRA Transparency Rules, please complete your details below:

Our Website Review Service

Whether your website is live, or nearly ready to launch, our website review service aims to provide you with peace of mind regarding your firm’s compliance with the Transparency Rules.

In addition to this, our comprehensive review also covers other legislative and regulatory obligations that firms have, such as compliance with Data Protection Legislation and the ICO.

For a fixed fee, you will receive the following:

  • A clear, concise and colour coded review of the website with annotation
  • An in-depth report of our findings, including recommendations for improvement
  • A set of templates for compliance with certain aspects of the SRA Rules, and other regulatory legislation (e.g., the UK GDPR and DPA 2018)
  • A final review of the website, once our suggested amendments have been made.

Contact Us

To discover more about how we can help your firm with the SRA Transparency Rules, please call 01509 214 999, send us an email or complete our free enquiry form.

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