The SRA Transparency Rules

There is a myth that the SRA Transparency Rules only cover information related to fees and services.  However, there are rules which also cover use of the digital badge, complaints handling and the firm’s SRA number.  By and large, these rules relate to information published on a firm’s website, but if your firm does not have a website, this information must be readily available upon request in another format.

Enforcement Action

The SRA are now launching formal investigations into firms they feel aren’t engaging with them and / or following the rules. The following redacted letter is an example from the SRA written in April 2021.

SRA Letter - SRA Transparency Rules

Free Audit of your Website

It’s easier and cheaper to ensure the rules are met before the SRA arrive at your door.  Please get in touch if you would appreciate a free audit of your website.

Our Guide to the SRA Transparency Rules

Our guide provides:

  • details about what pricing and services information you must include
  • details of the complaints handling procedure you must display
  • information about the SRA digital badge
  • common areas of non-compliance
  • information and advice about your UK GDPR obligations relating to your website.

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