The Team

Debbie Starrs



Debbie provides coaching and advisory services to law firms seeking advice about Peer Review or training & development of staff.

She was admitted to the Role of Solicitors in 1990. Since 1995, Debbie has worked exclusively as a Criminal Defence Advocate, conducting a varied workload of cases and holds the higher Courts (criminal proceedings) qualification.

She was selected to join the Legal Services Commission’s Peer Review team in 2006 and has conducted a large number of reviews and appeals over a period of six years.

Debbie is a partner in the firm of Stevens Solicitors – one of the largest providers of criminal defence services nationally, and who provide a comprehensive service from police station to crown court and beyond.

She has gained a wealth of experience in this field as the firm provides all services ‘in house’. Debbie manages a branch office of the firm in Wolverhampton City centre.