2018 Public Training Courses

I attended the Supervision and Managing Performance Course in London with David Gilmore last week. We were provided with comprehensive notes and the day was well structured. David Gilmore is very knowledgeable and was happy to answer all questions from the group. He started the day by checking the reasons individuals attended the course and what they wanted to take from the day; I think this helped focus the discussions and meant everyone left having gained from the course. He has a very good understanding of the LAA requirements

Dulcie Piff
Birds Solicitors

2018 Public Training Courses

Supervision and Managing Performance

In 2018, Supervision and Managing Performance courses were held on:

Leicester – 19 June 2018

London – 25 June 2018

A Guide to Peer Review – Crime

In 2018, Guide to Crime Peer Review training courses were held on:

London – 4 June 2018

Leicester – 6 June 2018

GDPR – How to Implement an Effective System

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), along with the Data Protection Bill, largely replaced the Data Protection Act 1998.  Consequently, in order to assist firms to prepare we held the following GDPR – How to Implement an Effective System courses:


Leicester – 8 March 2018

London – 13 March 2018

Leeds – 19 March 2018

Liverpool – 25 April 2018

Cardiff – 26 April 2018


Maximising Legal Aid Costs And Futureproofing

In 2018, DG Legal Consultants spoke at a series of seminars organised by Bidwell Henderson. The seminars covered hot topics for legal aid practices including maximising costs, GDPR and seizing opportunities.

Bristol – 11 April 2018

Birmingham – 1 May 2018

Manchester – 15 May 2018

Leeds – 12 June 2018

Newcastle – 13 June 2018


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