How to Ensure your Law Firm Thrives Webinar

How to Ensure your Law Firm Thrives Webinar

On 9 June 2020 Samson Consulting ran this webinar exclusively for DG Legal.  The webinar provides a proven system for law firm owners to produce all of the new client enquiries that they want and need.

Key Content

  • What you should be doing now to keep your current clients happy and loyal to your firm; and
  • What you should be doing to attract more of your ideal clients to your firm now and in the future.
  • The simple marketing plan you can follow to grow your law firm consistently.


A number of useful resources are available to download from Samson Consulting’s website.


Nick Jervis, Samson Consulting

Nick is a former solicitor and now a small business marketing consultant who has been helping solicitors to grow their law firms since he established his marketing consultancy for solicitors in 2003.

Nick is also the author of the Amazon Bestselling book The Law Firm Growth Formula.

To view Nick’s full bio, please click HERE.

David Gilmore, Director, DG Legal

David founded DG Legal in 2000. He has provided advice and assistance to hundreds of law firms and other legal organisations.  He delivers specialist consultancy and training on a wide range of topics including business management & strategy, tendering, compliance and quality assurance. In 2016 David was appointed as a Commissioner advising Lord Bach on policy relating to Justice and Legal Aid.

To view David’s full bio, please click HERE.

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